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Albert's Schloss has become quite the Mancunian household name; a premium Bier Palace with a Barvarian Cook Haus menu and a punchy ‘anything goes’ live entertainment programme that keeps their huge city-centre venues overflowing, loud and lively, 7 days a week.

After they expanded to a second location in Birmingham, Mission Mars set their ambitions sky-high and propelled their growth with the opening of Albert Schloss Liverpool. Seeking to amplify their impact, they partnered with us to strategise lead generation efforts and build their mailing list before the grand opening.

Entrusted with cultivating leads and maintaining an optimised cost per lead (CPL), our team developed a multifaceted digital strategy. Leveraging on-platform lead generation forms on Facebook and Instagram and an awareness-focused video views campaign, we established strong brand recognition before the launch.

Utilising the video views campaign for retargeting, we exceeded our goals, generating 3,313 leads with a CPL of £0.51, while also achieving 876,060 impressions and 15,288 ThruPlays at a cost-efficient £0.09 per ThruPlay. Moving forward, we plan to sustain the momentum of the lead generation and video view campaigns, utilising them for lead nurturing and retargeting, and introduce a new traffic campaign for Christmas bookings across all three locations.

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