We turn ideas and insights into creative digital strategies that elevate brands nationally and globally.

eCommerce Strategy

Our eCommerce Strategy journey commences with a thorough audit, delving into a brand's existing performance metrics to identify growth potential across various timeframes. Following this, we host a comprehensive Discovery session, analysing past campaigns and charting out goals for the upcoming year.

We gather insights from this stage with deep market research, scoping out the competitive landscape and analysing advertising avenues beyond the typical channels (Google & Meta).

Using this data, we craft an integrated media plan forecasting spend, revenue, and ROAS from diverse channels, always open to collaboration and fine-tuning with our clients.

Every step of our approach is designed to offer value, from in-depth assessments to result-driven media strategies, all while aligning closely with a brand's core objectives.

Brand & Creative Strategy

We delve into the art and science of developing, creating, and redefining brand identities. This isn’t just about crafting visually appealing designs; it’s about understanding and embedding the essence of a brand into every creative choice we make.

Our journey with your brand begins with comprehensive creative toolkits, ensuring a cohesive approach to branding across all touchpoints.

We prioritize crafting a distinct tone of voice that resonates with your target audience, encapsulating the brand's ethos and ensuring consistent communication. But our work doesn’t stop at strategy and creation.

We move seamlessly into the practical application, ensuring that the brands we work with don’t just blend into the market noise, but stand out distinctly.

More than that, we ensure they stand for something meaningful, reflecting core values and resonating with audiences on a profound level. It's not just about looking good; it's about making a statement, having a purpose, and leaving a mark.

Social Media Advertising

Your customers are everywhere, seamlessly switching between platforms. They scroll through Instagram and TikTok content, and engage with tailored experiences via Meta.

We place a premium on a cross-channel approach when it comes to Paid Social Advertising. Through Meta Advertising, we ensure precision and relevancy, positioning your brand in a way that feels both personal and impactful to the user. It's this expansive yet targeted approach that has consistently driven results for our clients, ensuring they're not just seen, but truly remembered whilst acquiriing new customers.

PPC & Google Shopping 

With the digital landscape becoming increasingly competitive, our strategies for PPC are optimized for top-tier platforms like Google Search.

We further harness the potential of Bing & Microsoft Ads, ensuring your brand achieves widespread reach. Our dedicated services in shopping feed management and build ensure a seamless integration and experience for users, driving e-commerce conversions and enhancing your brand's online shopping presence.

Content Creation

We offer tailored content solutions ranging from engaging TikTok videos designed for maximum shares to Instagram grids that are both aesthetically pleasing and strategically aligned.

Our blogs are insightful, SEO-optimized, and cater to your audience's informational needs. Serotonin’s dedicated copywriting services ensure your brand's voice is consistent, compelling, and persuasive across all channels.

This is further amplified by our intuitive web design services, professional-grade photography, and high-quality videography, ensuring a holistic content strategy.


ASSOS of Switzerland
Albert’s Schloss
Alliance Investment Group
Blake Mill
Celebrity Cruises
HTC Health
Grainger plc
Legal & General
New & Lingwood
Ocean’s Alive
Riverstone Living
Rudy's Pizza

+ more

Awards & Nominations

Most Effective Digital Strategy
The Drum Awards for Digital Advertising, 2022

Best Digital Strategy
British Interactive Media Association Awards, 2022

Marketeer of the Year 2022
(Clair Heaviside, Founder - Serotonin)
Prolific North Marketing Awards 2022

Best Mid-size Agency
Prolific North Marketing Awards 2022

Best Property & Construction Campaign
Prolific North Marketing Awards 2022

Young Marketing & Media Professional of the Year (Dom Carter, Founder - Serotonin)
North West Young Professionals Awards 2022

Best Small Digital Agency of the Year
Northern Digital Awards, 2022

(Clair Heaviside, Founder - Serotonin)
Business Insider, 2021

Best Large Budget Campaign (£3m+)
Prolific North Awards, 2021

Best eCommerce Campaign 
Global Marketing Awards, 2021

Digital, Media & Creative Professional of the Year (Dom Carter, Founder - Serotonin)
Manchester Young Talent Awards, 2021

Best Property & Construction Campaign
Northern Marketing Awards, 2020

Any Questions?

What kind of brands do you work with?

A whole range of brands, from different sectors, with different challenges, and at different stages of growth. From turning a start-up idea or product into something relevant, engaging, and strategic - to helping support and enhance global businesses.

What is your average project price?

The way we price projects depends on what you are trying to achieve, and in what timeframe. Media projects can be costed on a retainer basis as a % of media spend, or based upon the time required to manage the account. Brand, creative and web projects are based on the time and resources from the agency to deliver. But that doesn't answer your question, does it? You want facts and figures. Fine. Most of our retainers fall between £4k-£12k pcm.

Do we have to be in Manchester to work with you?

Nope. We work with brands all over the world, from Switzerland to Dubai. It's always nice to work with clients face to face from our Northern Quarter offices, but if you're further afield, don't worry. We also like to travel :)

Are you hiring?

Absolutely. We are excited to be in a period of growth, and that means bringing in more talent to the agency. We are looking for people at both entry and senior levels across Creative and Media. So if you know your stuff, or you're looking to learn; if you love collaboration, fresh ideas, and making an impact, contact us via the Get In Touch page.

What are the main media channels you work in?

Predominantly Paid Search (Google & Bing), Paid Social (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, YouTube), Programmatic Display and DAX.

Can you make the logo bigger?

It's not about whether we can, it's about whether we should.