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Hybrid had established itself as a leading provider of M&E engineering solutions for commercial and industrial enterprises in the UK. However, their existing brand, created over a decade ago, no longer reflected their current identity. They needed a transformation, and we were there to help.

The challenge was clear: the Hybrid brand needed to evolve to align with the company's proposition, representing all aspects of the business, clarifying the service offering, and effectively communicating what made Hybrid distinct.

To begin this process, we examined the business structure. With two distinct sets of core clients, we faced the risk of unclear communication. We implemented a structural change, creating Hybrid Solutions Group LTD as the parent company. Hybrid Electrical Solutions and Hybrid Asset Solutions are its subsidiaries, targeting specific markets and addressing unique customer needs.

We orchestrated a comprehensive rebranding effort alongside the restructuring, unveiling the new visual identity, a dynamic new website, and a unifying tagline, "End-to-End Solutions for Demanding Environments".

With the launch of the revitalised brand and website, we leveraged the opportunity to reconnect with past customers, re-engage with existing clients, and introduce Hybrid's enhanced value proposition to a fresh audience, effectively expanding their market reach.

Following the brand's relaunch across various channels, our focus shifted to generating leads through email, paid social, PPC, and organic social platforms. Hybrid Group Solutions stands ready for the future.

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