Blackhorse Mills

Project Info

Blackhorse Mills is a part of Legal & General’s build-to-rent scheme and was launched as the flagship development in London. We worked with their team to devise a campaign strategy that would introduce the building and establish it as a serious contender in the locale.

We utilised data-driven insights to set them apart from their competitors and amplify our key messaging through various channels; encompassing paid media channels, including PPC, Paid Social and display, as well as organic social.

Collaborating with hand-selected talent and influencers, we organised events to drive footfall to the building, resulting in a reach of over 1.5 million people within a matter of weeks. This outreach generated a significant pool of potential leads, leading to a remarkable 371% increase in enquiries month on month.

Over the course of 12 months, we consistently achieved an average of over 250 leads per month. Our campaign activities accounted for over 60% of all website traffic, with 36% attributed directly to Google Ads and the remainder from Facebook, Display, and Organic sources.

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