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Ofi (Italy), Aakamp (Germany), Procemsa (Italy) and Master Pharm (Poland) - four leading companies in the health and wellness industry, were undergoing a significant transformation by integrating from four distinct businesses into a single, unified brand. 

The rebranding initiative aimed to emphasise the combined commitment to "infinite innovation" and the philosophy that "we are better together." We were tasked with conceptualising and executing this comprehensive rebranding project, resulting in the creation of the new brand identity, including the name, brand strategy, internal and external launch assets, social and online presence.


The rebranding of Ourvita had several primary objectives:

  1. Unified Identity: Create a cohesive brand that reflects the integration of four businesses.
  2. Infinite Innovation: Highlight the company’s commitment to continuous innovation.
  3. Better Together: Emphasise the strength and synergy of combining people, services, and products.
  4. Employee Engagement: Ensure a smooth transition for employees, fostering a sense of belonging to the new brand.
  5. Customer Perception: Enhance the brand perception among existing and potential customers.
The Infinite Link Concept

The concept of the Infinite Link was central to the new brand identity. It symbolised the continuous and interconnected nature of innovation, as well as the unity and strength derived from the merger of four businesses. The design of the Infinite Link logo featured an elegant, intertwined pattern that visually represented these core values.


The rebranding process involved several key components, executed in parallel to ensure a seamless transition.

Brand Launch Kits

To welcome every employee to the new brand, we developed comprehensive brand launch kits. These kits included:

  • Introduction material: A personalised message from the CEO explaining the vision behind the rebranding.
  • Brand Guidelines: Detailed documentation on the new brand identity, including logo usage, colour palettes, typography, and brand voice.
  • Branded Merchandise: Items such as notebooks, pens, and apparel featuring the new logo to instil a sense of pride and belonging.
  • Onboarding Materials: Resources to help employees understand and embody the new brand values in their daily roles.
New Online Ecosystem

A robust online presence was crucial for the rebranding effort. We built a new online ecosystem that included:

  • Website Redesign: A modern, user-friendly website that clearly communicated the new brand identity and values.
  • Social Media Revamp: Updated social media profiles and content strategies to reflect the new brand and engage with the audience effectively.

The rebranding project for Ourvita exemplified the power of a well-executed brand transformation. By integrating four businesses under a single, cohesive identity, and emphasising the core values of infinite innovation and unity, we successfully repositioned Ourvita as a leading player in the health and wellness industry. The project not only met but exceeded expectations, setting a strong foundation for Ourvita’s future growth and success.

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