Gatehouse Apartments

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Gatehouse Apartments are Grainger’s flagship development on the South Coast of the UK. Now an award-winning landlord with an almighty property portfolio, this project was the first introduction to an ongoing partnership of trailblazing together.

The challenge? Develop and execute a comprehensive, multi-channel brand awareness strategy within a tight six-month timeline for the launch of Gatehouse Apartments.

Our team crafted a data-driven creative strategy, utilising our proprietary algorithm to optimise advertising spends across paid search and social platforms. Collaborating closely with the on-site team, we curated a dynamic and responsive Instagram feed to effectively engage with the target audience.

Within a remarkable four months of campaign initiation, Gatehouse achieved full occupancy, showcasing the rapid success of the strategy. Our outreach efforts touched nearly one million individuals, significantly reducing the client's advertising costs. The Gatehouse Instagram account witnessed a notable surge in engagement and followers, transforming into a key point of contact for potential tenants.

By consistently analysing available data, we identified successful strategies. We fine-tuned our approach, culminating in outstanding results that surpassed initial expectations, initiating a long-standing client collaboration that has proven successful in every venture undertaken together.

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