Millet Place

Project Info

Millet Place is a new luxury apartment complex in London, offering stunning views of Barrier Park and the River Thames. The developer approached our digital marketing agency in November 2020 to help them increase brand awareness and generate leads through paid search and social campaigns.

Over nine months, our team launched several campaigns targeting different audiences and search terms. Our paid social campaigns achieved over 2 million impressions and generated 850+ leads. The top-performing campaign, which targeted a specific subset of prospective renters, generated 43% of all leads from the prospecting campaign.

Our paid search campaigns captured users making brand, competitor, and intent-based searches. The best-performing campaign for delivering leads drove conversions at a lifetime average cost per lead of just ~£10. Our campaigns were able to drive a total of +30,000 clicks through to the website over the course of the campaign.

Throughout the nine months, our campaigns were active, our paid ads were seen a total of over 2,000,000 times, delivering a total of +50,000 users through to the Millet Place website.

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