Mission C

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Mission C sought our expertise for the successful launch of their premium CBD lifestyle brand and the development of an e-commerce website. Their vision was to revolutionise perceptions of CBD, making it more accessible and transparent through their product line and community engagement.

Navigating stringent CBD advertising regulations, we devised a dynamic, multi-channel strategy that organically cultivated brand awareness and consumer engagement. We inspired audiences about the brand's mission by leveraging compelling content, trusted endorsements, and an educational narrative.

In a bid to establish a resilient foundation for sustained growth, we orchestrated offline initiatives, collaborating with over 50 influencers to craft and promote captivating product content. Opting for Shopify's robust e-commerce infrastructure including backend analytics, hosting speed, and user-friendly design and overcame challenges associated with CBD restrictions to effortlessly integrate VivaWallet ensuring a seamless shopping experience akin to any other e-commerce store.

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