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Far from being “a holiday destination for old people” (their words, not ours), Sussex is an exciting, culturally diverse destination for free thinking visitors. 

Unfortunately, not many people know that. And that’s where Sussex Modern comes in.

Sussex Modern is the wine tourism development agency for Sussex, and it was awarded some funding to create a wraparound campaign for the Turner Prize, encouraging exhibition visitors to stay overnight and discover more.

Our role was to help Sussex Modern conceptualise, plan and deliver the wrap-around campaign, with the objective of building awareness and whilst remaining targeted, ensuring mass exposure.

The strategy was built around the concept of an independent and culturally diverse Sussex, appealing most to people who like to ‘discover’ rather than follow the crowd.

‘YOURS FOR THE MAKING’ became the tagline, putting the focus on visitors to the area, and emphasising the way they can curate exceptional experiences through their visit.

The creative invited people to decipher and pick out the bits of the experience they wanted with ‘mash-up words’ and ‘mash-up visuals’.

Our out of home media highlighting key attractions at train stations around London, Sussex and Eastbourne gained 2M+ impressions. A Meta campaign to drive relevant and engaged customers to the Sussex Modern website to learn more saw 1M+ impressions and 10k+ clicks to the site.

"Serotonin nailed our creative brief, with an outstanding concept that translated across online and offline channels. Coupled with their strategic approach to media, this campaign has exceeded all expectations. We are now looking at continuing the rollout into 2024, and we have definitely achieved our objectives in creating an influx of visitors, and changing perceptions of Sussex. All of our stakeholders are delighted.”
Jayne Robinson, Marketing Campaign Manager - Sussex Modern

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