REZZIL Player 22

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Rezzil approached us to spearhead the launch of Player 22, their groundbreaking virtual reality platform designed for elite athlete development. With a diverse user base ranging from novices to World Cup champions, the challenge was clear - crafting a marketing strategy that resonated across distinct target markets.

Our solution? A meticulously crafted multi-layered communications framework, tailored for different locales, performance levels, and genders. We devised unique character personas for each segment, shaping our messaging strategy to cater to specific awareness, consideration, and conversion stages. Complemented by sport-specific creatives, our approach maximised engagement and impact.

Implementing this framework, we executed a comprehensive, multi-channel media strategy, prioritising brand identity and bolstering product awareness. Our subsequent focus on driving website traffic allowed us to build an effective remarketing pool for conversions.

Critical to our success was the continual review and implementation process. Leveraging data-driven insights, we swiftly optimised campaigns, leveraging top-performing strategies and pinpointing areas for further action.

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