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Covid brought the hospitality industry to its knees. And for 68 People, there was only one thing to do - help it back up.

Coming out of the lockdown, they knew the feel of the business had to change because people felt differently about the industry - and that’s where we came in.

Amid the pandemic turmoil, Sixty Eight People found themselves at the heart of the struggling hospitality sector.

Having built a company to help ‘hospitality superstars find their dream job’, they suddenly found themselves up against growing disillusionment. But rather than fight what was going on in people’s minds, they joined the fight on the ground, spearheading the ‘No More No Shows’ campaign during the summer of 2020.

As began to return to normal, they realised they couldn’t. They were a different company now, and things were no longer just about recruitment. They wanted to revolutionise the industry and help the people in it, and they needed an identity that reflected their new purpose and vision.

To fortify their industry impact, our focal point was the website. Understanding the necessity for a robust online presence to act as a ‘hub’ for the agency, we commenced by streamlining their transition objectives. This led us to redefine their business purpose, enhancing its resonance and ambition. We collaborated in workshops and creative sessions to balance their current brand and a revitalised identity. Subsequently, our website redesign included aesthetic enhancements, refined messaging, and an immersive user interface, resulting in a dynamic and engaging online platform.

THE RESULTS? A cutting-edge digital hub for the hospitality industry in the North, poised to redefine the sector. Our overhaul marked the initial phase of their nationwide expansion, accompanied by the launch of their new training and development division, Class of 68, setting an auspicious beginning.

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