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LOFT is a nationwide furniture business. They specialise in all aspects of the journey, from designing interiors based on market trends and sourcing bespoke products from around the world to delivery, assembly and aftercare.

The majority of LOFT’s business is B2B - with private landlords, large PLCs and small businesses making up the bulk of their client base. LOFT approached Serotonin and asked us to join them on their next stage of growth, with a focus on building out their B2B customer base. This centred around Serotonin delivering a communications strategy, producing content to be used in advertising, and then managing multiple media channels to drive prospective clients to their website so that they would make an enquiry. A successful enquiry can yield anywhere between £10,000 - £250,000 in revenue.

We reviewed all of the channels that they had been working with, including Google, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube. We then put in place a list of short-term actions we could make quickly on the accounts that would begin improving results almost immediately. These included restructuring of specific campaigns and tweaks to their audiences. This gave us time and insight to develop a new strategy whilst operating within the account. The strategy revolved around using Paid Search and LinkedIn, with some YouTube in seasonal highs, and Facebook for retargeting.

After just a few months of implementing the first stage of the campaign strategy, our content had been seen over 1.4m times by the right target audience - we had also driven over 12,000 new visitors to the website, with over 100 submitting enquiries - that have already resulted in the campaign being ROI +.

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