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HTC Health is Europe's leading bulk supplements provider, boasting over 45 years of pioneering industry experience and a global supply chain, setting the benchmark for innovation and quality.

Maintaining the position of industry leaders is a title that demands continuous commitment. So HTC enlisted our expertise to address three critical areas: manoeuvring through an ever-changing industry landscape, countering competition from nimble startups, and cementing their standing as a pioneering force in the field.

Our team kicked things off with an immersive strategy workshop where we unearthed HTC's future vision, core values, and unique selling propositions, presenting a transformative repositioning effort.

Crafting dynamic brand guidelines, we empowered HTC to adapt seamlessly to market changes, unveiling a refreshed visual identity, photography style, and a fresh communication strategy, bridging the gap between HTC and its end consumers while preserving its rich heritage.

From there we unveiled the initial website phase and a targeted B2B brochure, which clarified HTC's core services for immediate business expansion and uncovered new audience segments and service opportunities for the road ahead.

With rave reviews cascading through the organisation, underscoring HTC's new brand identity, we're currently spearheading a multi-channel digital campaign, surpassing industry rivals with our innovative approach.

Praise from our Partner: "The new brand and website have taken the industry by storm. It's a testament to HTC's unparalleled excellence. Working alongside Serotonin has been the catalyst for our success, and we're excited to unleash the full potential of our digital campaign." - James Anderson, Head of Sales & Marketing

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